8 Top Aestheticians Reveal Their Skin-Care Routines — Interviews, Product Recs



Being an aesthetician and founder of her own skin-care line has taught Renée Rouleau a lot about the importance of sticking to a solid routine — however, she doesn’t believe it has to have seven-plus steps for it to be effective. In fact, in the morning, she only uses four products, including SPF.

“My morning go-to cleanser is the Moisture Protecting Cleanser because it’s really gentle and low-foaming, so it never leaves my skin feeling tight or dry,” she says. “I then apply an alcohol-free toner, which is Shani Darden’s Sake Toning Essence, to damp skin and immediately follow with my next product to lock in the hydrating benefits that the toner offer.”

Next up, Rouleau applies a vitamin C serum — her Vitamin C & E Treatment, to be exact. “It has a lot of antioxidants that are required during the day to defend against environmental damage and it’s also great for keeping my summer heat-induced pigmentation under control,” she says.

Before going in with foundation (she likes Chanel’s Ultra Le Teint Velvet because it contains sun protection), Rouleau piles on either her brand’s Weightless Protection SPF 30, which is made with micronized zinc oxide, green tea, and licorice extract, or Elta MD’s Physical Sunscreen SPF 41. “It’s lightweight, greaseless, and never pills up when I apply foundation,” she says.


When it comes time for makeup removal, Rouleau uses her Rapid Response Detox Cleanser, which she likes for its “soothing, deep cleaning, and antimicrobial properties.” That, and because it never strips her skin.

Next, she uses the same toner from her morning routine, followed by one of three different serums. “One night I’ll use something with stabilized retinol, like my Advanced Resurfacing Serum, to keep my collagen strong and my skin’s texture smooth, and then the next night I’ll use a peptide-based serum to give a big boost of firming repair,” she says. “And on the third night, I’ll use an exfoliating acid serum to keep my pores clear and the skin even-toned.”

In regards to the latter two treatments, Rouleau likes Joanna Vargas’s Daily Serum (for peptides) and her Pore + Wrinkle Perfecting Serum (for exfoliation).


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