Dr. Sadies Signature Slippery Kitty – 8 oz. Strawberry


Dr. Sadies Signature Slippery Kitty – 8 oz. Strawberry

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    Imagine coating your lover’s sexiest skin with the glistening lubricant that’s more than slippery—it’s succulent! You’ll feel warm slippery sensations fill your mouth along with the tempting taste of strawberry as you glide your tongue and lips all around to the sound of your lover’s passionate moaning. Is this the ultimate party for two, or what? Slippery Kitty Strawberry Lust sex lubricant will help you get to know your lover a whole lot better. Now lay back and return the favor—along with the flavor! Water-based. Condom safe. Contains purified water, glycerin, propylene glycol, hydroxyehtylcellulose, strawberry flavor, aspartame, methylparaben, sodium benzoate.

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